Järvisydän Day Spa

Facial Treatment 60 min 79 €
The treatment includes skin cleansing, peeling, classical face massage, mask and finishing creams.

Pampering Facial Treatment 75 min 99 €

The treatment includes a back peeling and a light warm stone massage, facial cleansing, peeling, facial massage, mask and finishing creams.

The Queen Treatment 100 min 129 €
The treatment includes a back peeling and a light warm stone massage, facial cleansing, peeling, firming Soma-facial massage, classic facial massage, mask and finishing creams.

Warm Stone Massage 45 min € 59 I 60 min 79 €
The whole body is relaxed and massaged with hot stones, massaging from the legs to the neck and shoulders.

Classical Massage 30/60/90 min
40 € / 60 € / 85 €
Classic massage help you take care of yourself and muscle tension, it will also prevent future problems and relax. During a half-hour of treatment, it is possible to deal with the neck and shoulders or arms/legs or lower back and buttocks. An hour's treatment allows the whole back rub or neck and shoulders and hands or legs and buttocks. Full body massage is 90 minutes.

Peat Treatment for the Body 60 min 79 €

Peat treatment includes dry body brush, followed by a heated peat, which is applied to the entire body and wrapped in plastic. After the effect of time, the peat is removed from the body in the shower and after you will still relax in a light warm stone massage. Peat treatment stimulates metabolism and removes toxins from the body. Great care, for example, against the swelling.

Pedicure 60 min 65 € 80 min I 89 €
The luxurious foot treatment includes a feet bath and peeling, a classical foot massage and a moisturizing and softening foot mask.

Hand treatment 30 min 39 €
A pampering hand treatment for the hands includes peeling and massage and the hands are applied moisturizing and nourishing mask.

Day Spa is open from Monday to Saturday at 10-20 and Sun 10-18 or upon agreement.

Please book your treatment in advance. Bookings can be made by phone, e-mail or soon in the online store. Cancellation can be done at no cost to the previous day at 16 o'clock. If the cancellation will be done later, we'll   charge 100% of the treatment fee. 

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