Relax by Stand Up Paddling

- Stand Up Paddling, is suitable for everyone aged 1 - 80-years old with a people of normal condition (children always with the adults, over 15-years old children can go alone, if the parents have agreed with our guide.)
- The SUP-board is almost 3 time bigger than a surf board, so you can stand, sit or even lay down on the board and it's very balanced. We paddle mainly by standing and your body gets a good exercize during the paddling as you have to keep your balance all the time. That's why SUP is also a very good way to have your daily sports training!
- SUP is a great programme for the groups, parties, company events, exersize or just for relaxing.
- We provide also private lessons.
- Our guides are professionals and educated for the Stand Up Paddling and have the first aid skills.

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