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Holiday Resort Järvisydän is all about unforgettable holidays in villas in Finland. Järvisydän is located on the shore of the great Lake Saimaa and not accidentally called Heart of the Lake when translated from Finnish. What can it offer? Paddling and fishing, hiking, rock climbing, excellent cuisine and unique interior of restaurants, comfortable accommodation, corporate events and family holidays...Shortly saying, throughhout the year we offer different types of services for everyone!

The history of Järvisydän dates back to 1658. The medieval style of our restaurants and some cottages won't make you forget this fact. Besides, we have plenty of stories which we are ready to tell you next to the breathtaking Finnish genuine nature.

Beautiful places with amazing lake scenery, fantastic rocks and virgin forests, wonderful cuisine in the restaurants and service in Finnish, English, Russian, German, good fishing, different saunas, lots of activities - what else do you need in order to have perfect holidays in Finland?

Get to know to the area by checking our panoramic pictures. 

In order to book a villa or room in our Holiday Resort, you can contact our sales office in English via telephone +358 20 729 1760 or e-mail jarvisydan@saimaaholiday.net 


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