Sauna World - full package

Savolainen saunamualima

The prices include the use of all our sauna premises: traditional smoke sauna, outdoor hot tub, two traditional Finnish wood stove saunas, and a steam sauna. There is room for up to 70 bathers. The smoke sauna fits 30 persons at a time, the two wood stove saunas together with the steam sauna can fit another 30, and the outdoor hot tub can take about 10 bathers. In addition, the package absolutely includes the use of outdoor terrace and a cosy lean-to right next to the saunas where bathers can cool off or have some nice refreshments. In the summer, there is a waterslide by the shining water of Lake Saimaa. In the winter, it is possible to take a dip in a hole in the ice. 

Full sauna package 600 € / 2 h / group
Sauna towels 3 € / towel
Sauna slippers 3 € / pair
Extra hours in the saunas80 € / h / group


Price includes heating of all the saunas, bathing in the saunas, services of sauna hostess for 2 hours, shampoo and soap. In the dressing rooms there are also available sauna seat mats, moisturizer, hair dryer, swim suits and swim trunks. In the summer, price includes the use of waterslide, and in the winter, use of the swimming hole in the ice.

Alcohol is served in the sauna premises according to the group’s wishes (mild/strong beverages). Charge according to consumption. The ordered beverages will be placed in large buckets in the dressing rooms beforehand to be chilled. Please, note that bringing your own beverages is not permitted.