Tour Skating in Linnansaari National Park

The most unique and probably the longest ice trail in Finland, from Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän to Oravi village and through Linnansaari National Park, or vice versa. The total length of the prepared route is 20-40 km depending on the weather conditions. The route is open for skaters, kick sparks, skiers and walkers. There are fire places along the route and a cafeteria on Linnansaari (open during winter peak season).

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Ice route and fees Luistelukartta uusilla logoilla.jpg

Järvisydän - Oravi 18 km
Järvisydän - Kaarnetsaari 2,5 km
Järvisydän - Pikku Lappi 4 km
Järvisydän - Linnansaari 13 km
Oravi - Linnansaari 5 km 
Oravi - Pikku Lappi 14 km


Skate rental in our Safari house Sat-Sun at 10-15 and on weekdays from our sales office +358 20 729 1760. Check out the rental prices from here.

The opening hours of Restaurant Piikatyttö you can find from our restaurant pages.

Kaarnetsaari island and Linnansaari island: cafeteria (opening hours are announced in the skating diary), fire place, cooking shelter, outdoor toilet.

Pikku Lappi island: fire place, outdoor toilet

There are resting places and maps along the route. The routes are prepared and our route masters measure the thickness of the ice.

Route fees

Adult: 8 €/day, 40 €/season
Children 12-16 years: 4 €/day, 20 €/season
Children younger than 12 years free of charge

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