Saimaa Holiday Swan Ecolabel

Nature is of utmost importance to us!

– We were awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries) in 2018.

Our unique nature is at the centre of our business and caring for the environment is focal in everything we do. We always consider the impacts we have on nature, especially because we operate in the Linnansaari national park and the home waters of the Saimaa Ringed Seal. One sign of our efforts on conserving the environment is the Nordic Ecolabel which was awarded us in 2018. The Swan label signals that this place is just as environmentally friendly as it should be.

Environmental friendliness is present in the daily activities of the holiday resorts. Our heating is produced by geothermal and solar energy. We use ecological products in our cleaning. We recycle everything possible and our guests can also recycle because the rooms and villas are equipped with different bins for different types of waste. The food we serve in our restaurants is responsibly produced and we tell our customers the origin of the main ingredients of the meals when presenting the menus.

We have trained our staff in environmental operations and the Swan Ecolable which has been considered in our development to n increasingly sustainable operations. The Swan Ecolabel leads our work in a way that we developt the environmental issues comprehensively in our business development.


Ecology at the LakeSpa

Only natural materials have been utilised in the construction of our Lake Spa; fresh water from Lake Saimaa (in outdoor pools), natural stone, and sinker logs that date back to more than 500 years. Our spa is heated ecologically, by a combination of lake water/geothermal and solar energy.

Ecology at our spa

At Finland’s most ecological spa, solar power is used as the primary energy source for six months of the year.  Solar power is used to produce electricity from April until the end of September. Solar energy is used for as long as the sun shines, even during the month of October. 75% of the spa’s energy requirements can be fulfilled through solar power.

We make use of geothermal energy in the heating of our facilities. Geothermal energy is gathered by approximately six kilometres of piping buried underground and an additional four kilometres of piping set at the bottom of the lake. During the winter, heat is gathered from deep inside the ground and during the summer, when the lake water warms up, the warmer water is led back and stored underground.

The heat energy from the hearths in the Lake Spa is recovered and used to heat the shower water. An important feature of our ecological actions is maintaining the water at a moderate temperature. All our pools are maintained at a constant temperature of 31 °C.

Infrared light is utilised in purification of the pool water, decreasing the amount of chemicals required for water purification. 

In adherence to requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the spa features LED lighting controlled by motion sensors. We do not use disposable plastic dishes at the Lake Spa and all refuse is strictly handled according to waste disposal legislation. Laundry is handled by an outside service provider who upholds all prevailing environmental requirements.  

Ventilation of the Lake Spa is automated, lowering the air intake when the spa is closed, thus decreasing energy consumption.