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Investment to Enhance the Growth of Travel in Finnish Lakeland. World’s first Kotahotel to be completed at Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän.

The fastest growing holiday resort Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän, in the heart of Finnish Lakeland, announces the launch of its new Kotahotel, offering visitors a new and exciting accommodation concept.

Located by Lake Saimaa, the Kotahotel comprises three mini hotels, each featuring a spacious Kotalounge with a fireplace for visitors to relax and enjoy the ambient sounds of nature. Seven high quality Kota Suites are enclosed in an architecturally unique Kota. The hotel consists of three Kotas, featuring a total of 21 new hotel rooms, accommodating 48 guests, which considerably increases the current capacity offered by Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän. This new entirety will offer all of the amenities and outdoor activities currently available to guests of the resort. The ever-changing seasons of Finnish Lakeland create the perfect setting for ice and snow adventures in winter, and abundant water activities in the labyrinthine waters of Lake Saimaa from early spring to late autumn.

An investor group who owns Design Hotel Finland Oy will provide funding for the project totalling 3.6 M€. While the amount is considerable, it will have the net effect of increasing and promoting the entire Saimaa area as a year-round travel destination, which in turn will attract both Finnish and foreign travellers.

The concept of the Kotahotel encompasses the ancient tradition of people gathering together in a warm refuge after an exhausting hunting or fishing trip to relax and gather strength for subsequent activities. The owners of the hotel believe that during times of profound change, such as we are experiencing at the moment, the need for community in both incentive and holiday travel is strengthened. This type of accommodation perfectly meets current day demands, when people wish to avoid large crowds. Small hotel type Kotas facilitate the perfect ambiance of privacy. Ecology and sustainability are paramount to both the building process and operation of the hotel, adhering to the ecological standards set by “Suomen Joutsenmerkki” (the Finnish ecology certificate).

An interesting detail is that the word “Kota” is the first known synonym for the word “home” in the Scandinavian hunter-gatherer culture.

Characteristics of the new Kotahotel concept include handmade finishings and Nordic traditions combined with modern quality features. Traditional Finnish craftspeople have provided final touches to the hotel spaces by using authentic materials. The metal arts featured are the work of talented blacksmith Tiia-Riitta Lahti and Pentti Viljakainen has created the unique woodwork. Natural wood used in the Kotalounge has been recycled and gathered by hand from the shores of Lake Saimaa. The benches encircling the fireplace were handmade from a century-old pine tree. Renowned wood sculptor Mikko Virkkula’s artwork featuring fishing, wildlife and other nature-related motifs line the hotel entrances and garden.

Unique to the Kotahotel is the world of sound created by sound artist Kirsi Ihalainen, serving to create a mystical nature experience through the senses of hearing and touch. Echoes of the wild enter into the Kotahotel spaces through innovative acoustic design, where the wooden structures in the space resonate the sounds. Seasonal Finnish and Saimaa sounds echo from the lakes and forests, and the animal sounds of bears and osprey can be sensed in the hotel spaces. Interestingly, the sauna at the Shangri-La Hotel in London features similar acoustic artwork designed by Kirsi Ihalainen.

The Kotahotel will be completed in time for the Christmas season 2020.

Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän has been awarded multiple accolades as a leading holiday resort located in one of the world’s purest lake districts. Unique activities in the lake nature vary according to season. Guests can travel the waters in ecological wooden boats and canoes in summer, and skate over the frozen lake during the winter.

The travel destination is easily accessible and is located within 3.5 hours’ travel time from Helsinki.

The Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän family business has a long history in accommodating travellers. Initially started as an inn at this very same location in 1658, it is still running – stronger than ever – now, in its 12th generation.


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