The Lake Spa

Our new Lake Spa will give you a new kind of Finnish lake wellness experience. The spa is built in the middle of the natural rocks and the large windows are overlooking Lake Saimaa. In the middle of the spa you can find the heart of the lake – a natural pond with the shape of the heart. The building itself will be hidden under the forest terrain, which amplifies Järvisydän’s original atmosphere.

Natural materials are used for Lake Spa’s genuine and exciting experience. Rugged rock walls, natural stone tiles, pools with the natural rock bottoms and the twinkling lights will bring the ancient time to the present day. A fire flames in the fireplace, the candles twinkling around the spa and a daylight shimmers from the fissures in the rock. Water, washed off the roof timbers will bring softness to the space and rocks of the interior create a rhythm between rooms.


Good to know..

Tickets and arrival

You may purchase tickets in advance from our online shop or at the Lake Spa reception desk. If you’re staying overnight at Järvisydän, please give your room number at the reception desk when signing into the spa. A towel is included in the price of admission and will be provided when you sign in. You are welcome to use the bathrobe from your room if you’re an overnight guest. You can obtain a bathrobe to use for a fee of 5 €. Please note that the slippers provided in your room are not suitable for use in the spa as they can constitute a slipping hazard, so please do not bring them with you.

Separate dressing rooms are available for both men and women on the ground floor of the spa and a locker is provided. The key to your locker will be given to you when you sign in at the reception desk.

What is suitable swimwear?
You are welcome to use our spa dressed in swimming shorts and basic swimwear. Swimwear for both men and women can also be rented at our reception desk. We have all sizes available. Diaper-aged toddlers must use swim diapers (swim diapers can be purchased at the spa reception desk for 1.50 €/ piece).

Is access to the spa included in the accommodation price?
Generally one daily admission to the spa is included in all accommodation types, excluding some special offers/packages. Our product description and booking confirmation always includes an explanation of what is included in the accommodation or service package. If your accommodation does not include admission to the spa, you may purchase a ticket separately from our customer service or upon arrival at Järvisydän. Please note that the accommodation price includes one two-hour visit to the spa on each day of your stay.

May I take photographs at the spa?
You make take photographs. Please note that your photographs must not include other guests who are not in your company.



Our spa consists of 6 saunas. Saunas are available for use on an equal opportunity basis, so you can plan to enjoy the heat of the sauna in your swimwear. During your visit to the spa you will have plenty of time to try out all our different saunas. If you’re a fan of a hot sauna, we strongly recommend sitting down on the bench of our Stone sauna!

The “Uppotukkisauna” (“Sinker log sauna”) is our most traditional sauna. You might try lying down on the long bench of the Sinker log sauna and listening to the whispering sound of the huge stone stove. The temperature in the sauna is approximately 70 °C (degrees Celsius).

The Hammam (Turkish bath) invites you to linger in the mild heat while relaxing on the warmed benches. The temperature of the seats is approximately 40 °C.

The Steam sauna invites you to enjoy gentle heat while sitting on the marble benches. The temperature in the steam sauna is approximately 55°C.

The therapeutic effects provided by our Infrared sauna will remain with you long after your Lake Spa holiday has ended. The temperature in the infrared sauna is approximately 45 °C.

We recommend our Stone sauna to everyone who enjoys a good, hot sauna. The temperature in the stone sauna is approximately 85 °C.

Our Scenic sauna is located on the second story of our spa. The large windows offer an exquisite view of the ever-changing Saimaa landscape. The temperature in our scenic sauna is approximately 70 °C.

Please note: Our scenic sauna is only open in the summer.



Our spa consists of 5 pools. The water temperature of all our inside pools is +31 °C. An important element of our ecological mindset is maintaining a moderate water temperature at our spa. Fresh, unheated Lake Saimaa water flows into the outside pools. 

Circulation pool (depth 130cm, temperature +31 °C. The circulation pool features a cave in the centre and massaging water jets. When the water circulation jet is on, it is possible to swim up or downstream.

Whirlpool (temperature +31 °C). The adventurous design of our atmospheric Savonian boomerang-shaped pool area provides an exhilarating experience.

Children’s pool (depth 30 cm, temperature +31 °C). The children’s pool features a waterfall and small water slide.

2 outdoor pools (depths 90 and 70 cm). The outside pools contain fresh water from Lake Saimaa and the  temperature of the pool naturally varies according to the time of year. Outdoor pools are not heated. Please note that areas around the outdoor pools may be slippery during the winter.

You can dive directly into adjacent Lake Saimaa from the outside pool during the summer season!


Salt room & Seal stones

We strongly recommend you also familiarise yourself with the following amenities we offer:

Relax on the three warmed Norppa (seal) stones in our spa. Bask on the stone, just like the Saimaa Ringed Seals do in the spring sun.

The Asta storm shower room contains four different types of showers for you to enjoy.

The salt room offers a natural therapy for skin and breathing problems. The sea salt-covered ceiling, walls, and floor emit therapeutic minerals into the air. You may enter the salt room either in your swimwear or with a towel wrapped around yourself.

In the summertime, you can bask in the sunshine by the lake and listen to the sounds of the Lake Saimaa waves while sitting in a sun chair or on the ground. The lakeside area features a large, partly covered sun terrace and sandy beach.


Childrens’ adventure park

We have a special area reserved especially for the little ones. The children’s pool (depth 30 cm) features a small slide and bath toys. A play net for children is suitable for children of 4 – 12 years of age and we have a ball pool for smaller children to play in.

Our spa offers different floaties for children to use, free of charge, which are located near the pools. Swimming goggles are also available from our reception desk at the spa.

Children playing and swimming in the spa are under the full supervision and care of their parents. Children who can swim and over 12 years of age are welcome to use the spa without parental supervision. Please note that from 18.00 onwards the spa is open to adults only.

Diaper-aged toddlers must use swim diapers (swim diapers can be purchased at the spa reception desk for 1.50 €/ piece).


Café/ pool bar

A bar is located on the second story landing of the swimming pool area, which serves a variety of cold drinks, our own delicious smoothies, and seasonally varying mocktails.  Sandwiches are also available at the pool bar.

We also offer nibbles, flavoured water, and tea from a samovar; all of which are included in the admission price to the spa.

The pool bar closes half an hour before the spa closing time.

The café located by our reception desk offers the same items as the pool bar.

Lounges for reservation:

Our spa features lounges that can be booked for private parties or groups. The price for the lounge includes food and drink services. Lounge reservations may be arranged through the Järvisydän sales service.



Our DaySpa therapy and treatment spaces are connected to our pool area. Therapies and treatments can be booked at the Lake Spa reception desk. More info on our therapies and treatments can be found here.


Ecology and the Joutsenmerkki (Swan mark)

Nature is of utmost importance to us!

– We were awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries) in 2018.

Only natural materials have been utilised in the construction of our Lake Spa; fresh water from Lake Saimaa (in outdoor pools), natural stone, and sinker logs that date back to more than 500 years. Our spa is heated ecologically, by a combination of lake water/geothermal and solar energy.

Ecology at our spa

At Finland’s most ecological spa, solar power is used as the primary energy source for six months of the year.  Solar power is used to produce electricity from April until the end of September. Solar energy is used for as long as the sun shines, even during the month of October. 75% of the spa’s energy requirements can be fulfilled through solar power.

We make use of geothermal energy in the heating of our facilities. Geothermal energy is gathered by approximately six kilometres of piping buried underground and an additional four kilometres of piping set at the bottom of the lake. During the winter, heat is gathered from deep inside the ground and during the summer, when the lake water warms up, the warmer water is led back and stored underground.

The heat energy from the hearths in the Lake Spa is recovered and used to heat the shower water. An important feature of our ecological actions is maintaining the water at a moderate temperature. All our pools are maintained at a constant temperature of 31 °C.

Infrared light is utilised in purification of the pool water, decreasing the amount of chemicals required for water purification. 

In adherence to requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the spa features LED lighting controlled by motion sensors. We do not use disposable plastic dishes at the Lake Spa and all refuse is strictly handled according to waste disposal legislation. Laundry is handled by an outside service provider who upholds all prevailing environmental requirements.  

Ventilation of the Lake Spa is automated, lowering the air intake when the spa is closed, thus decreasing energy consumption.



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The Spa plans have been made together with the humble servant of the house (Markus Heiskanen) and Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd.