Pizzas on the Plank

Smoked Vendance and Potatoes

Sour cream with horseradish, cheese, smoked vendance, seasonal potatoes, red onion, dill and shoots

Cold Smoked Pike and Fennel

Sour cream with horseradish, cheese, cold smoked pike, fennel, red onion, chives and shoots

Pork and Blue Cheese à la Peltola

Tomato sauce, cheese, pizza ham, blue cheese from Peltola farm, fresh pineapple, rucola and shoots

Roasted Chicken and Goat Cheese

Tomato sauce, cheese, roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, rosemary-balsamic syrup, rucola and shoots

Smoked Reindeer and Finnish Squeaky Cheese

Tomato sauce, cheese, smoked reindeer, Finnish squeaky cheese, lingonberry, rucola and shoots

Pulled Oats and Paprika (Vegan)

Tomato sauce, vegan cheese, pulled oats, roasted paprika, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, rucola and shoots

All pizzas are lactose free.


16,90 €

For children 8,50 € (smaller size)