Kalaranta m/s Puijo

A new ship has been anchored to our harbour; an Old Steam ship m/s Puijo. Puijon is located at Kalaranta, east bank of the bay. Route to Kalaranta curves behind the Lake Spa.


Kalaranta m/s Puijo

Experience a piece of Thailand by the Lake Saimaa! Cold beverages and smoked fish awaits you!

Open daily 12.00-22.00
Daily lunch from 12.00-17.00
Lunch menu: fresh smoked fish with crisp salad, choose either Thai seasoning or Saimaa seasoning. 25€/ for 2.

Dinner daily at 19.00
Three course menu 44,90€/ person. Kid’s menu 9,90€.

Book a table for dinner!

How to get to the Kalaranta: By walk, take the road behind Lake Spa and Villas. Take a right turn after you have passed the Lake Spa.


Lake hearty welcome!