Piikatyttö Restaurant

The Piikatyttö restaurant offers enjoyable dining and entertainment in a jovial Savonian spirit. We serve a delicious breakfast in the mornings and a tasty buffet at lunchtime. In the summer our restaurant opens up onto a spacious terrace. Piikatyttö seats 50 in the dining room. Space can be reserved for private events.

Wine cellar

Our unique dining room is surrounded by a glass wall and the wine cellar consisting of an impressive wine collection has been carved the rock.

The Fire menu dinner is served in the Wine cellar daily and regularly we arrange dances there with the most popular stars in the country. The Wine cellar seats 120 people and on the second floor is the lounge, which can be booked for private occasion.

Our wine list consists of wines which complement Finnis food. Fruity wines with clean aromas and a balanced acidity blend in beautifully into the Finnish ambiance. Our wine list is based on elegant and balanced wines from demanding producers who meticulously grow their own grapes and have an uncompromising approach to winemaking.

Our house wine comes from the Pfaltz region in Germany, where our friend Philipp Fürst himself produces wine himself with a great passion.

Our cellar list is compiled to meet the wishes of the most demanding wine lover. All the wines replicate the area they are produced in. The enchanting aroma and taste enhance the individual characteristics of each grape variety. We at Järvisydän hope that our meticulously selected wines and local food make your visit with us memorable.


The ”Humppa-lotja” is a barge that was built in 1880 at the Lehtoniemi docks in Varkaus. It the olden days it sailed along Lake Saimaa to St. Petersburg. Now, many years later it was recovered and brought Järvisydän to add on to our eccentric restaurant, bringing a whift of Saimaa inside. The barge houses the Humppa lounge and Lotja bar.

The first part of the Lotja bar was opened to guests in November 2015 and is a place to get together with old friends and make new ones. The Lotja bar features a terrace with a view over Lake Saimaa. The Humppa lounge is an excellent place for meetings, parties and even weddings.

The Lotja bar is open daily  until late in the night.  You can sing your favourite karaoke songs daily from 9 p.m. until the bar closes. You’re most welcome to come enjoy yourself!

Humppa lounge

Our newest restaurant is the Humppa lounge, which seats 80 persons and an additional 40 seats are available downstairs. The Humppas lounge is built on the deck of the Humppa barge and features its own terrace. The Humppa lounge is an excellent venue for a wedding or any other type of celebration.