Kalaranta m/s Puijo

A new ship has been anchored to our harbour; an Old Steam ship m/s Puijo. Puijon is located at Kalaranta, east bank of the bay. Route to Kalaranta curves behind the Lake Spa.

Cold beverages and smoked fish awaits you!

Catch your lunch

Tue-Sat 13.00

Now you get to catch your own lunch at Kalaranta!
Fish your own rainbow trout from Kalaranta’s fish well. The fish will be smoked on the spot to your lunch plate. Delicious!!

Fishing & lunch 29,90€/person.

Choose fishing as your seasonal activity included in most of our accommodation plans! Book the activity online!



Dinner at Steamship Puijo every Tue-Sat 18.00 and 20.30

Dinner menu at Kalaranta

Fresh sushi LF,GF
Venison dumblings LF


Lightly smoked fish LF,GF
Smoked chicken LF,GF
Smoked tofu LF,GF

Side dishes
Rosemary potatoes
and honey roasted root vegetables. LF,GF


Trio of sorbet with fresh berries. LF,GF
Flavours: Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry.
Coffee/ tea

Menu 44,90€/ person.
Children’s menu 9,90€.

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Opening hours

Open from Tue-Sat 12.00-22.00

Lunch from your own catch Tue-Sat 13.00 29,90€/ person

Dinner Tue-Sat 18.00 & 20.30 44,90€/ person

How to get to the Kalaranta: By foot, take the road behind Lake Spa and Villas. Take a right turn after you have passed the Lake Spa.


Lake hearty welcome!