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Porosalmentie 313
58900 Rantasalmi
Tel. +358 20 729 1760


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Humble servant, entrepreneur
Markus Heiskanen
markus.heiskanaen (at) 


Reception & Shop

Tel. +358 20 729 1760
reception.jarvisydan (at)


Restaurant Piikatyttö

Tel. +358 20 729 1760

Service manager



Servant boy
Heikki Lukin 
heikki.lukin (at)


Sales Office

Open Mon-Fri at 9-16

Servant boy, Resort Manager, Aku Kärki
aku.karki (at)

Groups, individuals

Maid girl, Sales, Minttu Huupponen
minttu.huupponen (at)

Maid girl, Sales, Henna Korelin
henna.korelin (at)

Finnish groups, assosiations, events
Servant boy, Jari Kankkunen
jari.kankkunen (at)

Tour operators, PR, marketing
Maid girl, Tanja Heiskanen
tanja.heiskanen (at) 

Tour operators
Sales consultant, Janna Kankkunen
janna.kankkunen(at) | +358 44 45 25 011



Business ID: 2507488-2
Address for invoicing:
Järvisydän Oy/Mediatili Oy
57101 Savonlinna

or by email: reskontra(at)

History of Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

It was the year 1658

Yes, it was a year 1658, when the first member of Heiskanen family began the serve travelers in Porosalmi area and the shores of Lake Saimaa. One of the main reasons for that was, that the Tsar of Russia and the King of Sweden made a deal, that there has to be a road (ice road), which goes via Finland, and there should be also the horse feeding places and places to stay over night between every 30 km. And Porosalmi was one of these places.

Tapio and Eila Heiskanen had four sons who all grew up in Porosalmi and one of the sons,  Jari Heiskanen, formed Järvisydän with his wife Raija.  Jari and Raija had two children, one of them son Markus Heiskanen who at the beginning of 21st century started to host Järvisydän. He is now keeping a guest house in 11th generation.

Markus as young and eager host has built some more villas, hotel, Finnish Sauna World, tepee restaurant, Restaurant Piikatyttö & Wine Cellar, new Lotjabaari - boat bar and a reception area. At the moment the men of Järvisydän household are finishing building the new Lake Spa and who knows what other plans there are in the head of Markus...

But despite all enlargements, closest to the heart of the host Markus and the whole Järvisydän household is still the beautiful nature of Porosalmi – in the first place because of it people come to Porosalmi and that’s why the household of Järvisydän still wants to take their guests to the nature to hear stories about its secrets and living in the old times in Porosalmi.

Welcome you too to experience the beauty and peace of Saimaa Lake district and Linnansaari National Park and enjoy the services and stories of Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän and Heiskanen family!
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