Day Spa

Relaxing massages and pampering treatments.

Expose yourself to the soothing benefits of our therapeutic Pampering Peat treatments and let the miracle of peat’s moisturizing effect, soften, deep-cleanse, and refresh your body.
At Järvisdyän we use only 100% Finnish, pure and natural Lehtopeat from Ähtäri!

Finnish berries are the secret to natural beauty. The efficacy of Ekopharma products is based on scientifically-based studies and the proven effects of the use of various Finnish berries and plant extracts. Our Finnish Ekopharma Berry Trip
facial is always a totally unique treatment. Your cosmetologist will select a special combination of berry products specifically suited to your individual skin type. This combination may include buckthorn for firming, raspberry for moisturing, and black currant to efficiently soothe the skin.

Pampering Facial 75 min 99 €
The treatment concists of peeling of the back and a light hotstone massage, face cleansing, peeling
suitable for your skin, face massage and a mask just for your skin and final lotions.


Pampering the Back 30 min 56 €
Designed to moisturize the skin while also relieving muscle tension, this treatment also provides super-quick relief for a dry and itchy back. The treatment includes a light exfoiliation, your choice of either hot stone massage or classic back and
neck massage, followed by a moisturizing and nourishing mask.


Hot Stone Massage 45 min 59 € | 60 min 79 €
Experience the magical sensation of our Hot Stone Massage and feel your entire body relax from head to toe when touched by the gentle massage of our perfectly heated hot stones.


Classic Massage 30/60/90 min | 40 €/60 €/85 €
Relax and feel the release of muscle tension by treating yourself to our Classic Massage. This massage can relieve tense areas of the neck and shoulders, hands and feet, or lower back and buttocks and prevent new aches and pains from taking hold. A half-hour treatment is sufficient to target one specific area. A full hour is required for massaging the entire back or neck/shoulder area and hands or legs and buttocks, and a full body massage requires 90 minutes.


Peat Foothbath 45 min 65 €
Peat is the perfect solution for tired feet that cry out for pampering. Your feet will feel totally refreshed
after being bathed and gently exfoliated, wrapped in the soft caress of peat, and followed by a soothing massage.


Peat Treatment for the Back 45 min 65 €
After the back has been gently exfoliated, warm peat is applied which relaxes the muscles and provides a nourishing treatment for the skin. Once the peat has been rinsed off, the treatment includes a light head or foot massage.


Full-Body Peat Treatment 60 min 79 €
After dry-brushing, a layer of warm peat is applied and your body is wrapped in plastic, so the peat can go to work removing impurities and accelerating your metabolism. After rinsing off in the shower, a hot stone massage finishes off this rejuvenating treatment which is also the perfect antidote to diminish swelling.


The Savonian Head Massage 30 min 39 €
The origins of this massage stem from the very core of Savonia. For this massage, all you need to do is just sit on your chair and enjoy the soothing massage of your head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. The treatment can be administered either through your clothing or directly on bare skin using oil. Feel all of your tension and stress melt away, while your circulatory function improves. Please note that this treatment is not suitable for people suffering from any type of neurological disorder, or those who are recovering from recent surgery.


Pulikka Massage 45 min 59 min
If you like shiatsu-type massage, you’re going to LOVE this! Our distinctively Finnish Savonian Pulikka Massage was developed right here in Savo and ultilizes a special heated rolling pin called a “pulikka” which is gently (or not so gently for those hard-core types) rolled across your shoulders, back, hands and the bottoms of your feet. This therapeutic bodywork treatment with its kneading motion will dissolve all feelings of stress, anxiety, or aches and pains, away in an instant. You will leave feeling totally relaxed. Please note that this treatment is not recommended if you have cardiovascular disease,
are experiencing excessive swelling, are suffering an infection, or have an open wound.


Day Spa opening hours
Mon – Sat 10-20 and Sun 10-18 or as agreed.

Bookings: +358 (0)44 452 5006, spa(at)saimaaholiday.net

We recommend that you book your treatment beforehand. Give us a call or send us email. If youneed to cancel your appointment, please inform us at least one day before, by 4 pm. Otherwise we will have to charge you fully for the treatment. On holidays we have a surcharge of 15 €.