Booking Conditions


The Booking conditions of Nature Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän and Kuru Resort

These booking terms and conditions become binding to both parties once the client have received the booking confirmation or/ and made the payment for the booking. Prices include VAT.


Booking through sales service/reception

All bookings will be confirmed by e-mail, stating the price of the reservation, as well as the products ordered. The customer will receive a confirmation letter after the booking, the cancellation policies are presented in the confirmation letter. A direct payment link or a invoice is sent to the customer for the payment. Confirmation letter, invoice and possible prepayment information and payment links will be sent to customer via email unless otherwise agreed. The payment or instalment can be made safely online (with a credit card, Mobile Pay, or online transfer), and once paid, the payment will be registered in the booking system confirming the booking. The payment must be made within the day the payment link is received unless otherwise agreed.

For longer bookings of Villa accommodations (more than 3 days) 50% of the total payment will come due in 7 days from the booking, and the rest of the payment will come due in 28 days before the start of the stay. If the stay is less than 28 days away, the whole payment will come due immediately (or within 2 banking days latest). These terms are effective unless otherwise agreed with the sales service at the time of booking.

The customer will receive product information, such as the location of the suite, information on handing over the key(s), and driving instructions in advance by e-mail. Instructions can also be found on the properties’ websites. The customer must be prepared to present a receipt for the booking and a booking confirmation to the donor of the key. See the location of accommodations!

Reservations can be made only by the persons of full age (18 years). Unaccompanied minors are required to have a written commitment from the guardian, which will be provided to the seller at least 14 days before the start of the accommodation.

Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in cancellation of the booking.     


Booking online and online payments

The customer makes the reservations on the internet and pay the full amount immediately. Internet booking is paid either by credit card, through a bank service, mobile payment or online-invoice (Jousto, Walley, OP-lasku). The booking system will send a booking confirmation to the email address provided by the customer. You will receive a separate receipt for successful payment from Pay Trail. The Pay Trail receipt is not a booking confirmation but proof of payment. The booking system will send a separate booking confirmation to the email address provided by the customer immediately after payment. The customer is responsible for saving / printing the receipt and the booking confirmation. The booking confirmation and booking number must be included on paper or on mobile when you arrive in Järvisydän. (See below for how to proceed if you do not receive a booking confirmation.)

E-commerce prices may vary depending on available capacity and time. Variable, campaign-specific cancellation policies can be used in the online store. Prices may also differ from those given by the sales service over the phone or at reception.

Booking confirmation

We will send you a booking confirmation by email showing:

  • Booking number
  • Reserved products, package contents and item description
  • Invoice total, VAT breakdown and other invoice information

The booking confirmation must always be included (in paper or electronic form) when you arrive in Järvisydän. If you do not receive a booking confirmation email after your online purchase:

  1. Check if it has gone to spam.
  2. Contact Järvisydän immediately and we will send you a new booking confirmation. Please note that a PayTrail receipt alone is not a booking confirmation!


Cancellation of bookings

Please notice! You can change your reservation dates or change the booking fully for a gift card without fees if the cansellation/ change is done 1 day prior the arrival.

Any cancellations must be made by e-mail. The date on which Järvisydän/ Kuru Resort sales office receives the written notification will be regarded as the date of cancellation.

In case of booking cancellation of villa or a cottage (booking for 3 or more nights):

  • Not later than four (4) weeks prior to the start of the rental period, the client will receive the deposit with the deduction of 90€ as cancellation fees.
  • Less than for four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the rental period, the client have to pay the full price for the accommodation.

In case of booking cancellation of a hotel room, Scenery suite, Kota suite, HouseBoat, Panorama suite, Forest suite, Log Suite, Kuru Resort or villa (villa, less than 3 nights):

  • Our individual clients have a right to cancel the booking without a cancellation fee, 7 days before the day of arrival.
  • The exceptions for the cancellation are celebration packages and other packages where payment and cancellation conditions are defined separately, sickness or Force majeure cases.
  • If the cancellation is made later than 7 days but more than 1 day before the day of arrival, fee of 90 € will be charged. The cancellation must be made before 4 pm.
  • In the cases of no-show and when the cancellation is made later that 4pm the day before arrival, the hotel has a right to charge the full amount of the reservation.
  • The booking and cancellation conditions for groups are agreed separately at the booking stage.


* Booking and cancellation conditions for campaign and promotional products

Early Bird and other time-limited offers: the reservation can be transferred free of charge within the offer period (the reservation can be transferred to a non-offer period by paying the difference). The reservation can be canceled free of charge 7 days before the date of accommodation or exchanged for a gift card.

Promotional products may also have campaign-specific booking and cancellation policies which are stated in the product.


If the customer cancels the Christmas package:

  • cancellation of the entire reservation is possible until 23.11.
  • if the booking is canceled 24.11.-3.12., the cancellation fee is 50%
  • if the reservation is canceled after 3.12., the cancellation fee is 100%


In case of booking cancellation of an Activity Service or Day Spa treatments

  • Our individual clients have a right to cancel the Activity trip or booking of a rental equipment without a cancellation fee before 4 pm of the previous day.
  • Day Spa treatments can be cancelled without cancellation fees 24 h before booked service.
  • Booking and cancellation terms and conditions for groups will be agreed separately at the booking stage.

Järvisydän will not compensate for the client for expenses incurred by the cancellation. Järvisydän recommends passengers to get a travel insurance, including cancellation insurance.

Cancellation performed by Järvisydän/ Kuru Resort

In the event of force majeure, the Järvisydän sales service may cancel the reservation. In this case, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the payments made. If the customer has not paid for the booking by the due date, the booking will be canceled automatically.

We reserve the right to change the conditions.


Black Week 2022 – Booking conditions

Accommodation offers (not the Gift Cards)
Accommodation reservations can be made for nights between Sunday and Thursday excl. July, christmas and band nights.

*Please notice that between 23rd-26th Dec resort is available only with a 3-day Christmas package.

Cancellation / transfer of Black Week 2022 reservations
The Black Week accommodation reservation
can be transferred free of charge within the validity period of the offer (for nights between Sunday and Thursday). A reservation made with a gift card can be transferred within the validity of the gift card. Cancelled bookings are non-refundable.

Stay at Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

All Järvisydän hotels the rooms and villas/ cottages are at the client’s disposal on the day of arrival at 3 pm till 12 (noon) on the day of departure, from 1.9.2023 onwards till 11am.

The cottage rent covers free using of cottage. The apartment includes furniture, dishes, toilet paper, kitchen towels and seat covers (for sauna), dishwashing detergents, cutlery, energy for heating, light and cooking, and firewood. Bed linen, bed linen and towels are also provided. In addition, the villa is equipped with barbecue facilities, an outdoor kitchen, and a separate barbecue area. Please notice that cole for the outdoor barbaque is not included.

The room/ suites/ House boat’s rent covers free using of room, as well as furniture, dishes, toilet paper, and seat covers (for rooms with a sauna), dishwashing detergents (rooms with a kitchen), cutlery, energy for heating, light, and cooking. Bed linen, bed linen and towels are also provided.

The use of own linen is prohibited in the resorts.

Final cleaning

Final cleaning of the accommodation is included in the price of accommodation in all rooms and villas and is always performed by the lessor. However, the customer must maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness during the stay and at the time of departure to leave the cottage in the same condition it was at the moment of arrival.

In the villas: In addition to maintaining the general level of cleanliness in the villas, the customer is responsible for washing dishes, taking out the rubbish, emptying the refrigerator, turning off the lights, locking the doors and closing the windows. There is a separate surcharge of 50 € for unwashed utensils, 50 € for unloaded rubbish and 50 € for an unemptied fridge.

Intermediate cleaning (rooms and suites)

We want to do our part and reduce our impact on nature. Intermediate cleaning is done in the rooms every other day. If you also need intermediate cleaning on other days, please order it from the reception. Please notice that villa rent doesn’t include intermediate cleaning, only final cleaning.

Special cleaning

The landlord is entitled to charge for special cleaning, as well as for any broken furniture, utensils, or equipment, according to the actual costs incurred. Special cleaning means, for example, special cleaning of furniture, washing of carpets or special cleaning of fixed parts of the property, or painting operations that result from the customer’s stay at the site.

Outdoor hot tubs

Please note that no extra things fall into the pool water and only use the pool when washed. Always close the lid after use. The extra cleaning work of the pool causes a significant burden on nature, and we charge the customer 300 €/cleaning for work that requires special cleaning of the pool.

Hot tub instructions:

  • Enter the hot tub through the shower – Wash with soap and rinse well before entering the tub.
  • Please always close the cover when not using the hot tub – If the cover is open for a long time, the pool water temperature will drop.
  • Remember to wash also after bathing – This way no pool chemicals are left on your skin.

Note that no detergents, soaps, shampoos, etc. should be used in the pool.


Other issues to consider

If the customer causes disturbance or danger to other customers in the same property or in the area, the lessor/ landlord/ representative/ seller has the right to terminate the tenancy immediately after one notice. Actions and costs incurred for any disruptions will be billed to the customer based on actual accrued costs.

Smoking is not allowed indoors (incl. Hotel rooms, holiday villas). There is an additional charge of EUR 1000 for unauthorized smoking.

Permission to bring a pet must always be sought from the seller. There is a € 500 cleaning fee for pets brought in without permission.

The pet fee is 30 €/day or 50 €/stay.

Järvisydän is not responsible for allergy or other problems caused to customers by unauthorized smoking or animal dust.


The customer is obliged to compensate for the damage caused to the holiday destination or its furniture.

Number of people

The accommodation may not be used by more than the number of people mentioned in the description of the accommodation or specified in the fire safety instructions found in the holiday property (villa or room).

The use of a tent or caravan without permission and in places other than those marked on them is prohibited.

Comments and complaints

All remarks concerning the equipment and condition of the resort must be reported directly to the sales service or to the reception of the resort immediately during the holiday. If the matter is not rectified, written claims for compensation must be made within 30 days of the end of the rental period.


Gift cards

The buyer of the gift card has the right to cancel the gift card order made through the seller’s online store within 14 days free of charge. Any postage will not be refunded. However, there is no right to a refund if the gift card has already been used. The buyer must return the gift card upon cancellation of the order. Unused gift cards will not be exchanged for cash.