Valid from 1.1.2015.


Basic Things about the Online Shop

E-commerce products are sold by SaimaaHoliday -sales service, which includes Eräpalvelu Saimaa Oy (business ID 1082927-7) and Järvisydän Oy (business ID 2507488-2). All prices include VAT. We reserve the right for price changes.

These booking terms and conditions become binding to both parties once the client have
made the payment.



The customer makes the reservations on the internet and pay the full amount immediately. Internet booking is paid either by credit card or through a bank service. Customer is responsible for the fact that he or she prints (or downloads) a receipt, booking confirmation, the product description and booking conditions. The reservation system will send a booking confirmation to the customer’s email address.

E-commerce prices may vary depending on the availability of capacity and time. Separate campaigns might have a different booking conditions which will be mentioned in the bid information. Prices may also differ, given from the sales office or at the reception.

Reservations can be made only by the persons of full age (18 years).

All bookings will be confirmed by e-mail, stating the price of the reservation, as well as the products ordered. To receive the booking confirmation, the e-mail address has to be written when ordering the products.

Please note also the delivery times of the ordered products.


Booking confirmation

Booking confirmation must be shown at the reception on arrival (printed or from a mobile device).  The booking confirmation will be sent by email, from where you can see

• Reference number
• Ordered products and product description
• Total amount of the invoice, VAT and other data

Notice! If you have’n received the booking confirmation:

  1. Check your spam box.
  2. Contact the Järvisydän sales service immediately for new booking confirmation.


Payment Services Provider

Payment service provider and operator is Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Corporation is displayed payee’s account statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail corporation has a payment institution license. In reclamations, we ask you to contact the product vendor.

Paytrail Corporation, business identity code: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakko Square 7
40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Phone: +358 207 181830


Cancellation of Booking

Any cancellations must be made in writing by letter/e-mail specified by the lessor. The date on which SaimaaHoliday’s sales office receives the written notification will be regarded as the date of cancellation.

In case of booking cancellation of villa or a cottage (for 3 or more nights):

– Not later than four (4) weeks prior to the start of the rental period, the client will receive the deposit with the deduction of 90€ as cancellation fees.
– Less than for four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the rental period, the client have to pay the full price for the accommodation.

In case of booking cancellation of a hotel room, Scenery Suite, Kotasuite, HouseBoat or villa (less than 3 nights):

  • Our individual clients has a right to cancel the booking without a cancellation fee, 7 days before the day of arrival.
  • The exception for the cancellation are celebration packages and other packages where payment and cancellation conditions are defined separately, sickness or Force majeure cases.
  • If the cancellation is made later than 7 days but more than 1 day before the day of arrival, fee of 90€ will be charged.
  • In the cases of now show and when the cancellation is made later that 24h before arrival, the hotel has a right to charge the full amount of the reservation.

In case of booking cancellation of a Activity Service

  • Our individual clients has a right to cancel the booking without a cancellation fee, before 4pm of the previous day.

Booking and cancellation terms and conditions for groups will be agreed separately at the booking stage.

SaimaaHoliday –sales office will not compensate for the client for expenses incurred by the cancellation. SaimaaHoliday -sales office recommends passengers to take out travel insurance, including cancellation insurance.


Stay at the SaimaaHoliday Resorts

Cottages and villas will be at the client’s disposal as following:

• Villas of Oravi from 4 pm on the day of arrival till 12 (noon) on the day of departure.
• Villas of Järvisydän from 3 pm on the day of arrival till 12 (noon) on the day of departure.

At Järvisydän hotels the rooms are at the client’s disposal on the day of arrival at 3 pm till 12 (noon) on the day of departure.

The cottage rent covers free using of cottage, as well as furniture, utensil and table dishes, a toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, the electric power for heating, light and cooking. Bed linen and the towels are also included. The grilling possibility is also included in the outdoor grill place or in tepee.

The room rent covers free using of room, as well as furniture, utensil and table dishes, a toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, the electric power for heating and light. Bed linen and the towels are also included.

The use of own bed linen in forbidden.

Cottage final cleaning is also included into residing cost. However, the client is obliged to keep cleanliness during all residing, and also at the time of departure to leave the cottage in the same condition it was at the moment of arrival. Prior the check out, the customer is
responsible for cleaning the bins, garbage export, emptying the fridge, lights off, lock the doors and close the windows. Dirty dishes are charged separately 50€ surcharge, unposted debris 50€ and 50€ not cleaned out the refrigerator.

The lessor has the right to collect some extra payment for the additional cleaning, as well as the cost of the damaged property from the tenant: the broken furniture, the broken ware and household appliances, according to the real cost of the damage. Additional cleaning
means – cleaning of furniture, carpets, and also small repair work (e.g. a walls painting) if this necessity take place due to the fault of the client.

In case of disturbance of public peace by the client, causing the inconveniences to other clients of the resort, the lessor/representative of the lessor has the right to terminate the contract directly after an opening remark. All expenses caused by the above-stated infringements are collected from the client according to a real amount of damage.

Smoking inside, all around the SaimaaHoliday’s area (incl. the villas and hotel rooms) is forbidden. Penalty for smoking inside the cottage or room is 1000€.

If the client wants to bring his/her pets to the cottage/villa/hotel room, he/she needs to receive the permission from the lessor. Pet fee is 30€/ night or 50€/ longer stay. For each pet brought to the territory of the tenant without the permission, the client will be charged additional 500€.

The lessor – SaimaaHoliday does not bear responsibility for any allergic reactions and other contretemps caused by illegal smoking or the maintenance of animals.


Compensation of damage

The client is obliged to indemnify against the loss caused to the object/property directly to the owner of the object.


The quantity of inhabitants

The quantity of people living in rented object is limited by the quantity of sleeping places (beds). Placing and use of tents and caravans on the territory of the lessor without the permission of the lessor – is forbidden.


Possible complaints

About all remarks, concerning equipment of a cottage, it is necessary to inform everything directly to the SaimaaHoliday –sales office or the reception. The claims concerning damage compensation should be sent in written within 30 days after the tenancy termination.


Activity Services

The client is obliged to comply with the instructions of the program service manual. If the client violates the instructions, he or she is liable in respect of damage caused to the full. Client’s responsibility to inform in advance the diseases or other causes that may affect the execution of the program service. The Guide has the right to suspend the program service if the client endangers safety.


Consumption of Goods Return and Exchange Policy

The customer has the right to exchange or return any unused consumer product acquired SaimaaHoliday online shop. Unused products have a 32-day right of return in accordance with Chapter 6. Consumer Protection Act. Its purpose is to provide the consumer with access to the product as it is possible to store. SaimaaHoliday granted to the customer in accordance with the spirit of the law right of access to the content of the package. Product unpacking should be carried out in accordance with the general caution.


SaimaaHoliday –Sales Office’s Right to Cancel the Reservation

In the case of force majeure, can SaimaaHoliday –sales office cancel the reservation. In this case, the customer is entitled to reimbursement of the fees in full.



We reserve the right to change the terms of delivery. The customer must consult before booking the currently existing booking and cancellation terms and conditions. SaimaaHoliday-sales office handles all customer information as strictly confidential.