Morning yoga

Tue-Sat at 10.00-11.00

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Give your body and mind a gentle wake-up call with a morning yoga session!

Yoga pays special attention to your spine, relieving tensions in both body and mind. An hour-long moment of serenity in the morning energises you throughout the upcoming day. Morning yoga gently engages your back muscles and reduces tension at the front part of body, allowing more space for natural breathing – providing you with the best possible way to start your day.

Suitable for everyone.

Price: 20,90€/ person


Gentle afternoon yoga

Tue-Sat at 16.00-17.00

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Our gentle afternoon yoga session offers a special moment to pamper your mind. The ambiance of this hour-long, slow tempo meditative yoga session conjures a state of deep muscle relaxation and promotes a peaceful state of mind. Using holistic relaxation techniques, we engage the parasympathetic nervous system to aid in the body’s recovery after exercise. This session ends in a deeply relaxing moment of meditation. The yoga session is suitable for all.

Price: 20,90€/person


Hot yoga

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The yoga room in our Lake Spa is a perfect place for Hot Yoga practice. The yoga movements done in a warm environment of our Lake Spa enhances all the physical effects. Sweating during the yoga cleans, renews and gets those slag substances out from the body. Warn our relaxes and bends your body efficiently and enhances metabolism. The class is suitable for everyone.

Price: 20,90€/ person


Aerial yoga

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Aerial yoga helps build strength and endurance, enhances mobility and body control, and eases muscle tension. Aerial yoga is suitable for everyone in good health and the one-hour session is not too strenuous. The yoga session concludes with a moment of relaxation in the yoga sling hammock.

Price: 20,90€/ person

Gentle BodyCare

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In this class you get to relax your body and mind. The class will improve your mobility, help you to recover from any stress and relax in the middle of hectic every day life. You will do different type of mobility practices and also dynamic and static stretches. In the end of the class there will be and moment of relaxation. Classes are held most often at our Lake Spa Yoga Balcony.

Price: 20,90€/ person