Does the accommodation include Spa entrace fee?
–Some of the holiday packages include spa entrance. Please check what’s included in your holiday from the reservation confirmation.

Can I change the dates of my reservation.
-Yes. Date change is always free of charge when you make it 24h before check-in time. You can also change your pre-paid reservation for a gift card without any extra fees. Please contact the sales service via email jarvisydan(at)jarvisydan.fi

How are special diets considered?
-All of our food is lactose-free and special diets and we take special diets into account as well as possible. Pease inform us beforehand, if we need to take food allergies or other special diets into consideration.

Can an outing be cancelled if it rains or the weather is otherwise not good?
-If an outing needs to be cancelled due to the weather, we will offer another product to replace the outing. Outings can be cancelled without extra cost if it is done by 16.00 on the day before the outing.

Do I have to book a table for lunch or dinner?
-We recommend that for dinner you always book a table in advance, and book your dinner table latest on arrival. Table reservation for lunch is not nesessary. For Restaurant Solitary the table reservation is compulsory and must be done beforahand. In Solitary the dinner is prepared only according the reservations.

Why are the prices different on the online shop?
-We want to offer our guests discounts and other special offers, because this expediates our customer service. 

Is there an outlet for charging an electric car or electrical preheating your car in winter?
-We have both outlets for charging electric cars and preheating sockets. Charging of electric vehicles is chargeable. Each charging unit has two plugs (Type 2; 2×22 kW). Payments with Plugsurfing App or with a  RFID key. See instructions here!

Is parking free?

Parking areas at Spa, Safarihouse and near reception are subject to charge if you are staying longer than 2 hours. Please use the Moovy -app for the payment. The first 2 hours of parking are always free. Please use the app or parking disc.

-All other parking places are free of charge. All accommodation reservations include parking for these areas without additional costs.
-Download the app for your Android or Apple . The Moovy app recognizes the first 2 hours as free. This payment does not apply to charging electric vehicles.

Parking rates: 1€/hour, 8€/day, 40€/week

What time is check-in to the hotel/villa?
-Check-in is at 15.00. If the room is prepared, it may be available earlier. Check out time is at 11.00.

May pets be brought to the hotel?
-We do not allow pets at the hotel, but pets are welcome to some of our villas and the Scenery Suites, Forest suites and Houseboats. There is an extra charge of 30 €/night/pet accommodation or max 50€/ longer stay.

Until what time can I cancel a booking without extra costs?
-We do not charge for cancellations, if the booking is cancelled 7 days before the arrival. This does not apply to celebration packages or other packages, where payment and cancellation terms are agreed on separately, or in case of sickness or a Force majeur.

If the cancellation is done later or the client does not arrive, the hotel is entitled to charge for a minimum of 1 day’s accommodation + other costs possibly incurred to the hotel. Please see the booking conditions from here.

Can you stay at the spa for more than 2 hours and how much more do you have to pay for the extra time?
-If there are no bookings for groups or at a quiet time, the 2 hours is flexible.

How can one get there by bus, train?
-Where is the closest stop? You can catch the bus from Savonilnna or Varkaus and the closest bus stop is at about a 3km distance away from Järvisydän. Arriving from Helsinki, the closest bus stop is Hiismäki, about 15 km away from Järvisydän. Coming by train, the closest train stops are in Savonlinna and Varkaus. Get more info here.

Flying drone in the resort.
Flying drones and drone photography are prohibited in the resort area.

Lost and found
-All lost items will be delivered to Lost and Found Service within two weeks. Please contact www.loytotavara.net.