Restaurant Solitary

Restaurant Solitary

We offer dinner experiences in the midst of enchanting nature of Lake Saimaa, in isolation of the rush and urgency of the rest of the world.

Everything we do is inspired by a passion towards great food and handwork. We want to offer our guests only the best there is and that is why every single detail is carefully considered. To us, a word ‘solitary’ does not only mean the secluded location of the restaurant and the resort, but also the trust we have to do the things in our own way. Instead of quantity we focus on quality, and that is why we only serve a six course Chef’s Menu that is based on local and seasonal ingredients. You can read more about the menu in here.

Our restaurant is located in the main building of Kuru Private Resort and is within a walking distance of Nature Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän. However, we warmly welcome all guests outside the two resorts as well to enjoy a memorable evening with us. Please note that the whole area of Kuru Resort is exclusively for adults only, which means that we can only serve customers above 18 years old.

Chef´s menu

The seasonal Chef’s Menu is based on the beautiful nature surrounding the restaurant; fresh fish from Lake Saimaa and game, berries, mushrooms, and wild herbs from the nearby forests. The menu contains at least six courses and varies based on the ingredients that our local producer network provides to our kitchen. Handwork and respect towards the ingredients are in the heart of everything we do.

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Chef Remi Trémouille

"I spent my childhood fishing and playing in the nature of Rantasalmi and Lake Saimaa which led to the appreciation towards the local ingredients. My love towards butter however comes from my French roots. Although the main ingredients of the menu come from nearby, I do not want to think of the restaurant only as Nordic or Scandinavian. My other passion besides food is travelling and I have travelled around the world to learn about cooking and traditions in other cultures. I worked in top restaurants of Australia and used to live in Bali and I hope that to taste in my cooking as well."

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Tue-Sat 6pm-00am

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at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.