Kuru Signature Touch of Nature Hot stone massage 90 min.

Touch of Nature Hot stone massage (90 min).

Hot stone massage is an ancient therapy that has been used for thousands of years as part of Eastern medicine. The massage increases skin and muscle metabolism and accelerates blood and lymphatic circulation. The treatment activates and cleanses the body’s energy centers, thus affecting overall physical and mental well-being.

Hot stone massage is recommended for individuals with poor peripheral circulation or chronic muscle-related pain. The treatment is an effective reliever of stress and tension, making it particularly suitable for those suffering from insomnia due to its relaxing nature.

This treatment is ideal if you are seeking an escape from everyday life and want to indulge yourself thoroughly. In this delightful treatment, we gently massage your entire body with warm stones, from the soles of your feet to your face.

The velvety smooth, warm stones feel delightful on the skin, making this treatment pure indulgence from start to finish.

Kuru Signature treatments are designed for comprehensive relaxation and stress relief. From classic treatments to innovative therapies, our offerings take the soothing effect of your vacation to the next level.

Healing touch, hot stones, and high-quality products take you deep into a state of relaxation. In our tranquil and stylish spa, we pamper not only the body but also the mind. All treatments include the use of the steam sauna and refreshments.

The Kuru Day Spa is located in Kuru Resort, within a walking distance from Järvisydän.
Touch of Nature Hot stone massage (90 min) 245 €