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Karaoke daily, starting from 9pm.

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Take away available!

Bistro TAKE AWAY Sun-Thu 14-21, Fri-Sat 12-21.30. Place an order on site or call 044 45 25 009. Take away pick up point is in the Bistro restaurant.

Bistro menu


Green salad, asparagus, radish, peas, marinated potatoes, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, and egg.

Choose accompaniment from below:

1. Cold smoked rainbow trout, and mustard dill sauce (LF,GF)

2. Roasted chicken tenderloin and tomato chili sauce (LF,GF)


3. Cured lambkin and yoghurt chive sauce (LF,GF)


4. Roasted goat cheese and paprika-jalapeño compote (LF,GF)

Bread with spread is included.

 17,50 €



Fish soup from locally sourced pike perch (LF,GF) & Organic rye bread (M)
Creamy soup with locally sourced fish and potatoes, dill and Muhonen’s organic rye bread with butter.

17,90 €



Crispy chicken BRGR (LF)
Toasted durum wheat brioche bun, crispy Finnish chicken, chili mayo, Jukola cheddar, iceberg lettuce, tomato, black currant pickled red onion, gherkin, served with herb-salted country fries and chili mayo.

Highland beef BRGR (LF)
Toasted durum wheat brioche bun, Finnish highland beef patty, Jukola cheddar, crispy bacon, nettle aioli, iceberg lettuce, tomato, black currant pickled red onion,  gherkins, accompanied by herb-salted country fries and lingonberry aioli.

Peas & beans patty BRGR (VE)
Toasted durum wheat brioche bun, fermented pea & bean patty, vegan cheddar, vegan chili mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce, pickled red cabbage, black currant pickled red onion, gherkin, served with herb-salted country fries and vegan chili mayonnaise

The hamburger is also available with a gluten-free bun.



Cold smoked rainbow trout and asparagus (LF)
Horseradish-pesto fraiche, cheese, cold smoked rainbow trout, asparagus, red onion, and dill.

Pork and blue cheese á la Peltola (LF)
Tomato sauce, cheese, pizza ham, blue cheese from Peltola farm, fresh pineapple, and rucola.

Roasted chicken and cherry tomatoes (LF)
Tomato sauce, cheese, roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, rosemary-balsamic syrup, and rucola.

Smoked reindeer and Finnish squeaky cheese (LF)
Tomato sauce, cheese, smoked reindeer, Finnish squeaky cheese, lingonberry, and rucola.

Asparagus and goat cheese (LF)
Horseradis-pesto fraiche, cheese, asparagus, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, pinenuts, rosemary-balsamico glaze, and rucola.

18,50 €

We also have gluten-free pizzas available.



Highland beef steak (LF,GF)
180 g Grilled highland beef, dark red wine sauce, garlic butter, asparagus, herb salted country fries and ketchup.

32 €



Mini weiners (LF, GF)
Mini weiners, country fries seasoned with herb salt, lettuce,
cucumber, tomato, and ketchup.
10,90 €

Kid’s pizza with two toppings (LF)
Toppings of your choosing, tomato sauce, cheese.

Kid’s BRGR (LF)
Crumbly brioche bun, 120 g Finnish beef patty, Jukola cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, dilled cucumber, tomato, lingonberry mayonnaise, and herb-salted country fries with ketchup.



Season’s sorbet (LF,GF)
Rhubarb sorbet, rhubarb compote, and merengue.

Lemon & blueberries (LF,GF)
Lemon tart, marinated blueberries and vanilla mousse.


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