Fire Kitchen

Now open!

Welcome to the Heart of Järvisydän! Our new, recently completed Fire Kitchen is at the heart of our restaurant. We have prepared a comprehensive experience for you, where we have done our best to consider not only locality and domesticity but also seasons and traditions.

We welcome you to enjoy Fire Kitchen delicacies and each other's company!

Serving times are at 6 and 8.30 pm.

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Live fire is the essence of the Fire Kitchen

The Fire Kitchen is a unique and authentic part of Järvisydän. The art of cooking by the living fire began at Järvisydän. In the Fire Kitchen, we honor these Järvisydän traditions by offering you food made on-site with skill and expertise, using high-quality domestic ingredients.

Fire kitchen dinner menu

We serve the appetizer, a delicious soup from season’s best ingredients, at the tables. (LF,GF) With the appetizer, we provide sourdough rolls and butter. (LF)

The main course is served from the fire at the Fire Kitchen. When you collect your warm dish, we want to introduce you to our unique open-fire kitchen and also the art of open-fire cooking, both of which we take pride in. As the main course, we offer Finnish petite tender with red wine sauce, and arctic char with hollandaise sauce, served together with salt-roasted early potatoes and spring vegetables.
We don’t view the serving of the main course so much as a buffet but as an opportunity to present you with delicious food directly from the chefs.

Dessert is served to the table as the final course. For dessert, we offer sea buckthorn posset, berries and almonds as a delicious combination.

We hope that we can accommodate your allergies and special dietary needs as best as possible, so we ask that you communicate them with us as early as possible. Thank you.

Menu 59,90€
Children 5-12yo. 15€/ person
Children under 4yo free of charge

Elevate your dinner experience with our carefully picked wines & drinks!
Drink package 32 €
Aperitif, 2 servings of wine

Drink package II 45 €
Aperitif, 2 servings of wine, avec

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Opening hours

Fire Kitchen
Dinner daily 6pm and 8.30pm


Fire Kitchen
Reservations/ dietary issues etc.

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